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SaltWay Global is the leading independent publishers' sales agency operating out of the UK into all international markets. We work exclusively with publishers who produce quality colour, illustrated books from around the world. We reach a uniquely trans-global network of customers, from large, regional distributors to independent booksellers. These are relationships that have been established over forty years.

Working with SaltWay

We work closely with our publishing clients to ensure that programmes and titles meet the demands and expectations of individual global markets. 

We do this through bibliographic data handling, curation of publishers' lists and imaginative and targeted marketing and publicity.


Becoming a SaltWay Client

All our clients are expert publishers, bringing inspiration and creativity to their titles.

When we begin a relationship with a new client it is with the clear focus of adding success and recognition to their lists, in a highly competitive and varied international market.                  We take care about who we partner with, ensuring all our client products complement and support each other for overall mutual benefit. In all this we work collaboratively with each publisher.

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