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At SaltWay we try hard to limit our impact on the environment - as best as we are able and just as any company should! However, travel is an essential aspect of our being able to operate properly and fully in serving our client publishers and customers properly. We've therefore been looking for a suitable way in which to help offset our 'carbon emissions' in a meaningful way. We've now elected to become subscription members of Mossy Earth which is a young and dynamic rewilding and habitat restoration organisation where 80% of all income goes direct to specified projects - from planting Aspen forests in Scotland to re-establishing Water Voles in reclaimed habits where they once thrived. One of the things we like about Mossy Earth is that they keep you updated with their various stories, through their website and via Facebook and YouTube. Links here:

 If you find yourselves as impressed with Mossy Earth and might wish to support them you can use the following code to increase our contribution of more tree planting! Code is (for use on the above website) CHRJEIKWNG

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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