SaltWay Sales Team

Many of our sales team are domiciled in the territories they represent, giving them unsurpassed access to and knowledge of local markets. Others regularly travel to all other territories covered.

UK Specialist Accounts 

Chris Moody

Greater and London & Southern England 

James Wickham


Midlands, Nothern England and Scotland

James Benson

Eastern Counties/Library

Gillian Hawkins

Eire/Northern Ireland

Geoff Bryan

NW Europe

Ed Dougherty, Lisa Petersen


Matt Bailey, Nick Hammond

Eastern Europe

Slobodan Crevar

Southern Europe

Penny Padovani,  Jenny Padovani, Jordi Espinilla Prunes, Isabella Curtis

Middle East 

Chris McLaren, Madhaven Menon

North America

Trafalgar Square Publishers

South America and Caribbean

David Williams

South East Asia

Peter Couzens

South Korea

Chongdae Chung




Central Africa

Joseph Mkopi, Amos Bampisaki

Sri Lanka

Shan Rajaguru


NewSouth Books

New Zealand

South Pacific Books

South Africa

Peter Matthews, Gary Matthews